The Flower Shed Thornbury

Christmas Flowers and Arrangements

Both bouquet options will include a selection of flowers in Christmassy colours - reds, greens, golds and whites as well as sprigs of seasonal foliage and Christmas accessories.

Brown Paper Bouquets:

These bouquets will come wrapped in brown paper with a bow.

Prices from £20.00

The example below shows a £30.00 bouquet.


Aqua Pack Bouquets:

These bouquets will come wrapped in cellophane, with a bubble of water around the flower stems, and placed into a gift box or bag.

Prices from £25.00

The picture below shows an example of a £35.00 aqua pack bouquet. 

Please note - Flowers & wrapping may vary from the example photos shown above. 



Christmas Candle Arrangements come in either a gold container or a basket and have a candle in the centre of the arrangement. The arrangement will include a mix of flowers and foliage as well as Christmas accessories. These arrangements start at £25.00.

The picture below shows a £30.00 arrangement made previously.


*Please Note - Candle Colour, foliage, flowers and accessories may vary from the picture below*




Door Wreaths 

Bespoke, handmade door wreaths start at £50.00 each.

Orders open from 1st November each year. 

Please get in touch for further details. 


Wreath Arrangements made in Floral Foam

Wreath arrangements can be made with flowers, foliage and Christmas accessories or they can be more natural, with a mix of different greenery and a few Christmas accessories. These wreaths are available to order in two sizes - 10" and 12".

Floral wreaths start from £45.00 for the 10" size and £50.00 for a 12" wreath.


Natural Wreaths (no flowers) start from £25.00 for 10" and £30.00 for 12".

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